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Case Studies

Custom Evaporator - AR Industrial Air Cooler

High Temperature (45 Deg. F) Food Processing
(QTY) X Model

(4) X AR9-424L-S-24-1/2-DXA-A-B


4.9 Tons Capacity (each), 45F Room, 12F TD

Direct Expansion Ammonia, Air Defrost

10,600 CFM Airflow

5/8” x 0.049 Aluminum Tubes, 4 Rows Deep

0.010” Aluminum Fins, 4 per Inch

2 x 1/2 Hp., 1140/850 rpm, Two-Speed Motors

2 x 24” Dia. Aluminum Fans

304 Stainless Steel Cabinets

18.75 sq. ft. Face Area, 742 sq. ft. Total Surface Area

475 lbs. Operating Weight

Overall Dimensions: 40” H x 35” W x 106” L


The ability to thoroughly clean all types of equipment (including air coolers) installed in areas where food is prepared and packaged is critical to the food processing industry. Colmac Coil AR “Above Rail” Industrial Air Coolers were created with this requirement in mind. Panels on the sides of the unit cabinet are easily removed for full access and cleaning of coil fin surfaces and cabinet interior. Optional stainless steel cabinet construction is available for enhanced cleaning ability. Colmac Coil AR coolers are also designed for low noise and low air velocity-- important features for populated work areas such as food processing rooms.

Colmac Coil was selected to supply all of the air coolers for a large French fry processing facility constructed in the Midwestern United States. The facility includes a high temperature reprocessing, repackaging room, with a requirement for fully cleanable air coolers. Colmac Coil AR coolers were selected for operation with direct expansion ammonia and air defrost. 304 stainless steel cabinets were specified since the units are cleaned at regular intervals. The units were also provided with two speed fan motors for super quiet operation.