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A+ Series™ Refrigeration e-Catalog Now Available


Colmac Coil’s new A+ Series™ Refrigeration e-Catalog is an electronic document containing A+ Series™ catalogs, manuals and technical writings:

  • A+ Series™ Brochure
  • A+ Series™ Engineering Catalog IP Units
  • A+ Series™ CO2 Engineering Catalog IP Units
  • A+ Series™ IOM
  • A+ Series™ Engineering Specifications
    • A+L Air Cooler
    • A+M Air Cooler
    • A+S Air Cooler
    • A+R Air Cooler
    • A+D Air Cooler
  • DX Ammonia Piping Handbook 2nd Edition
  • Technical Bulletins
    • CO2 Evaporator Design Guide
    • Self-Positioning System for Electric Resistance Defrost Heating Elements
    • Optimizing Hot Gas Defrost
    • Water Defrosting at Freezer Temperatures
    • Comparing Air Cooler Ratings - Part 1: Not All Rating Methods are Created Equal
    • Comparing Air Cooler Ratings - Part 2: Why DTM Ratings Cost You Money
    • Comparing Ammonia Evaporator Construction: "Which One is Best?"
    • Successful Refrigeration Depends on Good Airflow
  • A+ Series™ Fin and Tube Specifications
  • Colmac Coil Patents


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