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Colmac Coil Accomplishes 100% Success Rate in AHRI Certification Standards



November 8, 2013

COLVILLE, Wash. – As of September of 2013, it has been reported that Colmac Coil accomplished a 100% success rate in passing all tests in the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) certification programs for the year of 2012. Colmac Coil manufactures quality products for the commercial and industrial refrigeration and heat transfer markets, and this accomplishment assures the integrity and efficiency of the products manufactured by Colmac.

AHRI is a business association that represents HVAC/R and water heating manufacturers and is wellknown for their certification standards and prestige in the HVAC/R and water heating industries. To be AHRI Certified® means that the specified product has been tested under ISO Guide 56 international requirements standards indicating safety and reliability in products across the globe. When a product meets these standards, it authenticates its published performance ratings. Keeping such high standards in the HVAC/R and water heating industry creates uniformity within the market and fair competition for its manufacturers. This upholds the integrity of the industry’s ratings and the confidence of its consumers.

With such a high demand for quality assurance in the HVAC/R and water heating industries, AHRI recognizes prestige in the market, raising the bar for product quality and innovation. Accomplishing such a prestigious position with AHRI shows Colmac Coil’s commitment to providing high efficiency products. With infallible standards and a drive for quality and innovative products, the growth and commitment of Colmac Coil continues.

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