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Fiberglass Drainpans Offer Exclusive Benefits


Colmac Coil has developed a new option for a lighter, more hygienic drainpan. The new fiberglass drainpans will be available on all A+ Series™ air coolers with air defrost.

Compared to a metal welded drainpan, the fiberglass alternative offers improved cleanability and sanitation due to the smooth surface and ¼” radius corners. Because the fiberglass material does not have any hollow bodies bacteria cannot become trapped. This material is also food safe and USDA approved.

Fiberglass is also a lighter weight option when compared to a welded insulated drainpan with heat trace. In many cases active heating is not required in order to prevent condensation from forming on the drainpan. Because of this the installation of the drainpan is made easier and less expensive.

To learn more about fiberglass drainpans and how they can meet your needs contact us today.

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