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New Product Announcement - Ammonia Subcooler Assembly


Colmac is proud to announce the introduction of DX Ammonia Subcooler Assemblies to add to its range of ADX™ low charge ammonia products. The new DX Subcooler Assemblies are designed to provide the necessary liquid subcooling for the successful installation of Colmac ADX™ Low Charge Ammonia Evaporators. They are pre-engineered for field placement in the plant engine room near the high pressure receiver.

Colmac DX Subcooler assemblies are offered in three sizes for 100, 300 & 700 evaporator tons depending upon the system liquid flow requirements. These units are built around fusion welded compact plate heat exchangers for a minimum ammonia charge and optimum heat transfer efficiency. The heat exchanger, control valves, and electrical control panel are pre-piped and wired, mounted on a base frame. Constructed of stainless steel piping, base frame, and heat exchanger, the assemblies are furnished a stainless steel drainpan to capture condensed moisture.

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