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Shell and Helix Cascade Heat Exchanger


Cascade heat exchangers used in refrigeration systems have traditionally been of either “shell and tube” or “plate” type construction. Good performance of cascade heat exchangers depends on uniform flow distribution of both refrigerants within multiple tubes or plates. This uniform flow distribution is typically difficult to achieve with conventional shell and tube and plate type heat exchangers under two-phase flow conditions (condensing or evaporating).

Colmac Coil’s new Shell and Helix (SHX®) cascade heat exchanger is designed to make cascade refrigeration systems more cost effective and robust.


  • Cost effective all stainless steel construction
  • Compact multiple nested helixes (coils)
  • Extremely low strain/stress at weld joints
  • High tubeside design pressure - up to 800 psig (56 bar)
  • Allows reverse cycle hot gas defrosting
  • Capacities up to 41.5 TR (146.1 kW) @ 9°F (-12.7°C) TD
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