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Engineering Bulletin - Modulair Manifolds


Colmac Modulair Manifolds provide pre-engineered piping between Modulair  Fluid Coolers and Modulair Pump Skids for cooling of Water, Ethylene Glycol/ Water  and Propylene Glycol /Water solutions in a variety of closed loop applications. The manifolds are designed to provide the pipe connections from the pump skid to the fluid coolers and from the fluid coolers to the outlet connection(s).  Colmac Modulair Manifolds are available in a series of combinations to suit the full flow range of each pump skid size. The manifolds offer designs for one or two fluid coolers for the MOD 100 and 150 Pump Skids, two or three fluid coolers for the MOD 200 Pump Skid and three or four fluid coolers for the MOD 250 Pump Skid. Modulair Fluid Coolers may be arranged in a row (side by side) or end to end with the pump skid at the center, in left hand or right hand configurations. The multiple arrangements available provide maximum flexibility for the layout of the cooling system in any application.

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