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Engineering Bulletin - Modulair Pump Skids


Modulair Pump Skids are designed for closed loop cooling of water, ethylene glycol / water and propylene glycol / water solutions with air cooled fluid coolers for many power generation cooling applications.

Modulair Pump Skids are available in a series of four pre-engineered standard modules with a range of flows from 200 gpm to 2300 gpm. The pump skid performance charts are included in the data sheets in this bulletin to show the stan-dard pump head available with the corresponding flow for each skid size for 50 and 60 HZ operation. The pump head can be increased up to the maximum head shown for 60 HZ operation by selecting a larger pump impeller and using the optional larger pump motor size shown on the charts. Optional larger pumps and motors are also available for skid sizes MOD 150 to MOD 250 to provide up to 280 feet head at 60 HZ and 195 feet head at 50 HZ operation. The optimum size of pump skid can easily be selected for most cooling applications using the information shown in these data sheets. The footing dimensions and pipe connection sizes and locations are provided to allow the preliminary installation layout required for any application.

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