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Dry Coolers & Condensers

Dry Coolers - Modulair Air Cooled Fluid Coolers


Modulair™ air cooled fluid coolers are designed to provide cooling of Water, Ethylene Glycol/ Water and Propylene Glycol /Water solutions in a variety of closed loop applications. The compact plate fin heat transfer surface provides a compact and efficient air cooler suitable for many power generation cooling applications. Modulair™ air cooled fluid coolers are available in a series of standard modules for either forced or induced draft to simplify selection. Any cooling load can be accommodated by connecting the required number of standard modules in parallel to a common pump skid.

  • Wide range of sizes and fin spacing to match any cooling load and temperature
  • Seamless 5/8 inch copper tubes with high efficiency aluminum plate fins with selfspacing collars
  • Copper headers designed for 150 psig @ 200 F with carbon steel 150# ANSI RF flanges
  • Independent fan compartments to prevent short circuiting of air during sequential fan operation
  • Corrosion resistant construction, 14-gauge galvanized steel cabinets, powder coated steel OSHA fan guards, galvanized steel fan blades
  • Heavy duty, rigid, foot-mounted, direct drive, totally enclosed fan motors with moisture protected rainshields (slingers); motor insulation is Class F rated for 154 ºF (67 C); motors are 710 RPM for 50 HZ and 850 RPM for 60 HZ operation
  • Weatherproof NEMA 4 electrical enclosures located at the connection end of each cooling module provide single point field wiring for each cooling module
  • Built in lifting connections and easy to install legs simplify lifting and installation
  • Polycoat aluminum fins for added corrosion protection
  • Copper fins with copper tubes
  • Tin coated copper tubes with marine grade aluminum fins for severe corrosion service
  • Stainless steel cabinet, side frame, fan blades and hardware
  • Factory wired fused disconnect switch for each fan motor
  • Factory wired starters for each fan motor with overload protection and alarm contact
  • Coil block built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
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