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Dry Coolers & Condensers

Dry Coolers - Modulair™ Pump Skids


Modulair™ Pump Skids are designed for closed loop cooling of water, ethylene glycol/water, and propylene glycol/water solutions with air cooled fluid coolers. Pump skids are available in a series of four pre-engineered standard modules with a range of flows from 200 gpm to 2300 gpm. The footing dimensions and pipe connection sizes and locations are provided to allow the preliminary installation layout required for any application.

  • Two 100% full rated pumps and motors rated for continuous outdoor duty
  • Bladder type expansion tank prevents air contact with the glycol/water solution
  • Design pressure 125 psig at 200°F at inlet and 150 psig at outlet with 150lb ANSI RF flanges
  • Piping fabricated to ASME B31.1
  • Dual outlet connections to simplify connections to two cooler modules
  • Heavy-duty foot mounted TEFC motors high efficiency 1.15 SF with Class F insulation
  • Motors are 1450 RPM for 50 Hz and 1780 RPM for 60 Hz operation
  • Motors and switches are factory wired to a weatherproof NEMA 4
  • Pressure switch on outlet for signal to pump changeover
  • Pressure switch at inlet for low liquid level alarm
  • Structural steel base and piping painted primer plus two coats enamel finish
  • Provision in base for grounding connections
  • Built in lifting connections to simplify lifting and installation
  • Heavy duty ANSI standard end-suction centrifugal design flanged pump with ductile iron construction
  • Open impeller with external adjustment and balanced to ISO Figure 2 Level G6.3
  • Extra heavy duty shaft to ANSI B73.1M and oil lubricated bearings minimum life (L10) of two years
  • Industry standard mechanical shaft seal
  • Flexible type spacer shaft coupling
  • Fully enclosed, telescoping, OSHA compliant steel coupling guard


  • Larger pumps and motors are available for skid sizes MOD 150 to MOD 250 to provide up to 280 feet head at 60 Hz and 195 feet head at 50 Hz operation
  • Larger motors for 60 Hz operation to provide pump head above the standard
  • Gravity type overhead expansion tank instead of the bladder tank
  • Extra capacity bladder tanks for very large systems
  • Larger pumps and motors and skid bases for MOD 150 to MOD 250 to provide pump head above the maximum head shown for up to 280 feet head for 60 Hz and 195 feet head for 50 Hz
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