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Dry Coolers & Condensers

Dry Coolers - Modulair™ Manifold Sets


Modulair™ Manifold Sets provide pre-engineered piping between Modulair™ Fluid Coolers and Modulair™ Pump Skids for cooling of water, ethylene glycol/water, and propylene glycol/water solutions in a variety of closed loop applications. The manifolds are designed to provide the pipe connections from the pump skid to the fluid coolers and from the fluid coolers to the outlet connection(s).

  • Maximum flexibility for the layout of the cooling system in any application
  • Pre-engineered designs provide plot plans and footing locations
  • ASME B31.1piping
  • ASME VIII header manifolds
  • Designed for 150 psig at 200°F
  • Carbon steel ANSI 150 lb RF flange connections
  • Piping is cleaned and painted
  • Factory pre-fabricated cooler manifold headers
  • Connections to the pump skid are designated as field welds for final alignment
  • Wide range of combinations and sizes
  • Isolating butterfly valves for the air cooler connections
  • Overall pilot plan dimensions allow for the addition of valves
  • May be arranged in a row (side by side), or end to end with the pump skid at the center
  • One or two fluid coolers for the MOD 100 and 150 pump skids
  • Two or three fluid coolers for the MOD 200 pump skid
  • Three or four fluid coolers for the MOD 250 pump skid
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