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Refrigeration Evaporators

A+ Series™ Air Cooler - Industrial Air Coolers - A+S

  • Low profile for small to medium industrial applications
  • High efficiency fans and C-Face motors up to 1 Hp
  • Hinged fan panels standard
  • Full coverage drainpan design
  • Capacity range: 2 – 35 TR
  • Copper tubes/aluminum fins
  • Aluminum tubes/aluminum fins
  • Stainless steel tubes/aluminum fins
  • Stainless steel tubes/stainless steel fins
  • Stainless steel tubes/anti-microbial alloy fins
  • Galvanized steel tubes and fins

Optional Features

  • Low Temp Low Charge DX Ammonia
  • Smart Hot Gas Defrost
  • Anti-microbial Coil Construction
  • Smart Hanger System
  • Aluminum-to-Steel Bimetallic Couplers
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