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Refrigeration Evaporators

Custom Evaporators - Reversing Airflow Evaporators


The cooling and freezing of food is one of the most important applications of refrigeration.  The process of cooling and freezing food effectively reduces the activity of microorganisms and enzymes, slowing deterioration. Furthermore, the crystallization of water reduces the amount of liquid water in food and inhibits microbial growth (Heldman 1975).  The majority of food refrigeration and freezing operations use blast freezers in a batch process, while a number of products are cooled or frozen by spiral, fluidized bed, or plate freezers.

Colmac Coil has been manufacturing evaporators for applications in chillers and freezers since 1971, as both complete units and also bare evaporators for install in spiral freezers and fluidized bed tunnel freezers.  Working with the needs of clients and designers of refrigeration systems, Colmac Coil developed a line of Reversible Air flow Evaporator Units.  The great advantages and benefits that the equipment offers has led to its extraordinary demand from facilities freezing fish, meat and prepared foods.

Traditional Blast Freezers use an evaporator placed in the top half of the freezing chamber with the cooling air flowing one direction the entire time.  The result is a longer freezing time and a variation in product quality based on its placement in the freezer.  Product the furthest from the air entrance takes much longer to freeze and results in lower quality. 

Case Study: J&D Refrigerated Services 

Case Study: Baha Marine

  • Shorter freezing times
  • Reduced power consumption of the evaporator
  • Reduced power consumption of the refrigeration system
  • Uniform quality of frozen product throughout the batch
  • Reduced defrost cycles required to clear the coil of frost
  • Fan motors and controls for 50 or 60 Hz, NEMA or IEC
  • VFD compatible fan motors
  • Insulated drain pan
  • UL listed industrial control panels
  • Factory mounted control valve sets
  • Defrost isolation dampers for energy efficient defrosting
  • Low temperature blast freezing
  • Blast chilling
  • Carcass cooling
  • Low temperature test chambers
  • Cold stores
  • Chill stores
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